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1, Why XinMao?
Why should you opt for XinMao? Because we are a reassuringly can-do partner for you. A partner who is always there for you throughout every phase of planning, throughout the entire useful lifetime of your production operation. And a partner who responds to each and every one of your requirements with a truly fit-for-purpose solution. Because we’ve committed ourselves to creating “Added Value” – for you, your company and your products.
2,How about our quality
As a customer, you rightfully expect machines and lines with which you can produce and package your wares to consummate perfection. For this purpose, we offer you uncompromising quality, and a level of service support that meets your requirements one hundred per cent. Maximised manufacturing penetration enables us to reduce our production costs and offer you complete lines from a single source. This is why XinMao’ lines are so exceptionally dependable: right down to the tiniest detail, they incorporate the expertise and technological excellence of a global market leader.
3,How about our Innovation
Innovation is tightly anchored in the XinMao company philosophy and forms one of the four columns of the Value strategy programme. Attractive services, steady progress and profitable growth create the basis for sustainable business.
Innovative and successful products are not the result of a coincidence but of hard work. Approximately 1900 highly qualified employees worldwide contribute with their know how to the conception of new machines, lines, systems and services and their development. The commitment of our staff is reflected in the number of granted patents and utility models which Krones has increased by 15 per cent to a total of 3150 in the year 2013.

Brains and creativity pave the way to success

For all new designs and developments, XinMao, of course, considers the market requirements. We are sensing the worldwide megatrends that may cause a change in society, technology or resources and translate them to added value for our customers.
4,How about mutual feedback prioritized
Our sales and service support network covers all the planet’s continents. From Addis Ababa to Zagreb, we’re represented wherever you need us – with specialists who speak your language and assist you in each and every situation. With international customer conferences and trade fair appearances, moreover, we create platforms for an exciting dialogue spanning the entire globe.
5, Taking the long view
Right from the start, XinMao’ strategy has been geared to a sustainable future. We want to achieve more than just short-term success; we aim to create lasting values – for ourselves and no less for our clients. This is why we continually strive to upgrade our products and our corporate performance. This is how we tap into new markets, downsize consumption of valuable resources and gear ourselves to meet and master all the challenges the future may hold for us.

Sustainably innovative: recycling technology from XinMao
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